At ORCA Products, our research and development team is hard at work creating a complete line of the most trusted and effective oral care products. In this article, we’d like to highlight some of our “coming soon” products that we will be launching in the near future.

Baby Orca Teething Drops

Baby ORCA Teething Drops offer fast, long-lasting relief for teething and gum pain. This product is made with natural essential oils and is a safe and effective choice for relieving discomfort associated with sore gums and teething pain. 

ORCA Dry Socket

For dental professional use only.

ORCA Dry Socket helps reduce pain from dry sockets. As with all ORCA products, it is non-medicated and made with natural essential oils. Clinically proven. Superior results.


For dental professional use only.

ORCA Foam is an absorbable gelatin sponge hemostat. It's natural, safe, and stops bleeding effectively.  ORCA Foam works great as a carrier medium for ORCA Dry Socket, meaning the dry socket med is a liquid and this is a sponge that you can soak in the liquid to place in the wound. This product helps bridge the gap for the dental surgical world by providing needed absorbable hemostatic gelatin sponges.  This type of product is not available with regularity to the specialty and we will be providing it!

Mildred Barnett

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