When it comes to oral care products, nothing speaks louder than a patient testimonial from someone who has actually used the product. Here is a testimonial from an ORCA patient who had a great experience with ORCA Oral pain relief putty:

“It all started a few weeks before my wedding day – I got an inside the lip mouth ulcer. I thought nothing of it at first, but the next day the ulcers expanded to under my tongue. After about 3 days I was in immense pain. The pain was so unbearable that I couldn’t swallow or eat. I was on a yogurt and pudding diet due to the pain.

I was also experiencing a significant speech impediment because of the ulcers. Nobody could understand what I was saying. 

All I wanted was for these painful ulcers to go away and they just wouldn’t. I was in pain 24 hours a day. I tried all kinds of over-the-counter pain meds, but nothing worked to reduce my pain. On top of all that, I was extremely stressed out with the wedding coming up so quickly, which was just adding to the pain.

I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to say my vows or kiss my bride on our wedding day.

I went to two different medical facilities and my dentist to try and find a solution, but nothing they prescribed worked for very long. 

Eventually, I found the ORCA oral pain putty and finally got some relief. After I started using the ORCA putty, my ulcers were completely gone in a few days. It brought my pain level down from a 9-10 to a 2-3. It just worked. I was able to reduce my mouth ulcer pain significantly before my wedding and, as a result, I was actually able to enjoy my wedding day!”

Mildred Barnett

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