We talk a lot about the amazing benefits of ORCA Oral Pain Putty, but sometimes it’s better to hear directly from the people who use it! In this article, we’d like to share a few words from people who have tried ORCA Oral Pain Putty.

“Throw all of your other products in the trash! It was amazing and knocked my pain right out! ORCA beats them all!”

-Ken P.

“My pain was so bad I was about to go to the ER! I used ORCA and it saved me so much money by keeping me from having to go to the hospital in the middle of the night!”

-Kerri B.

“ORCA is the BEST! It was the only relief I could find until my dental appointment.”

-Teresa S.

“Is this a mind game? My pain is totally gone! It's unbelievable!”

-Keith J.

“This product is very effective at stopping pain in its tracks. Instant relief for me and my wife on two different issues. Orca will definitely get you through the tough times until you can see your dentist.”


"Completely relieved my toothache! Only took minutes! "

George V.

"I can't believe the pain relief! It's all natural too!"

-Courtney N.

ORCA Oral Pain Putty

For over fifteen years, as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Craig Schmidtke, had been using a pain relief solution prepared in his office for the treatment of dry sockets. On countless applications, the preparation had proven to provide astounding results for the relief of patient pain. One day, while eating a taffy style candy, the candy became stuck between his teeth, which gave him an idea. Viola’! He thought to myself: “How can I create a product that contains an all-natural solution in a form that is sticky like taffy?” Over the course of two years, our team of product developers manipulated the lab batches and tooled the preparation to the maximum effectiveness and convenience. With over fifteen years of technology and clinical application, the creation of this ultimate pain relief oral product has been a passion that has finally come to fruition.

Mildred Barnett

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