We are proud to announce the release of ORCA foam – the latest ORCA product. ORCA foam is a private label gelatin sponge with FDA approval! Bridging the supply chain gap for lack of gelatin hemostat in the market place. Ask your local supplier for details! We’ve had a tremendous outpouring of interest on a national level! 

50 individually blister packed, sterile cubes – 1cm x 1cm x 1 cm each.

Benefits of ORCA Foam:

  • Ideal size for easy application
  • Absorbs up to 35x its weight
  • Rapid hemostasis
  • Aids in control of hemorrhage in surgical or extraction sites
  • No cutting required
  • Helps prevent cross contamination
  • Fast, complete resorption
  • Excellent carrier medium for fluids such as antibiotics or ORCA Professional Dry Socket
  • Designed and packaged for oral surgery and dental application.

Patient Safety and Quality Control

Patient Safety and Quality Control are our top priorities. ORCA Foam is a natural and safe FDA approved product made from 100% pharmaceutical-grade gelatin and manufactured in a cGMP certified facility. 

About ORCA Professional

The founder of ORCA Professional is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with 25+ years of clinical practice experience, who clearly understands the needs of doctors in his field of practice to successfully treat patients. He personally uses ORCA products daily and stands behind their quality integrity. He is always generous in offering his time to provide product knowledge and information to assist sales representatives, distributors, and practitioners.

ORCA understands the deficiency regarding lack of product availability and will do everything possible to insure product supplies remain available.

Mildred Barnett

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