There are many benefits of using ORCA pain putty to relieve pain. In this article, we are going to talk about six great benefits offered by ORCA oral pain putty.

ORCA Oral Care Benefits

  1. Natural Ingredients. We offer safe and effective non-pharmaceutical products made of non-toxic ingredients including essential oils, aloe vera and plant extracts. We are addressing the gap in oral pain management with a natural, user friendly approach!
  2. Effective Pain Relief. ORCA gives immediate pain relief for even the worst oral pain. 100% of people who tried ORCA would definitely use it again and recommend it over other products on the market!
  3. Doctor Designed. ORCA Products are designed with 25 years of experience in the dental care industry. Our products safely and effectively lower patient pain in minutes, with an all natural, non-opioid alternative.
  4. Patent Pending Technology. ORCA has "Stays in Place," patent pending technology. All too often other products do not hit the targeted area. ORCA is guaranteed to stay in place and target your pain precisely! 
  5. Convenient Packaging. ORCA's clean tube delivery system promotes precise dosing with no mess and is a convenient carrier allowing you to take it with you on the go!
  6. Proven Clinical Results. In a study of 201 patients, the average pain experienced was 7.5/10 (0 meaning no pain and 10 being unbearable pain). Within 9 minutes of applying ORCA, the average pain was 0.5/10! For details about the pain study

With over fifteen years of technology and clinical application, the creation of this ultimate pain relief oral product has been a passion that has finally come to fruition. The ability to make this product convenient to the general population and available without prescription or a visit to the dentist office is a dream come true!  We are confident you will find our products as helpful and innovative as so many others have!

Mildred Barnett

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